Helping The Needy

The Charity endeavours to attend to spiritual, social and emotional needs as much as possible in the best we can or where possible we help people find avenues their specific may be best met.

In the cold winter months, we set up soup kitchens in the High Street to provide hot drinks and soup with sandwiches and snacks; give out second hand warm clothes and shoes people donate to us, groceries and whatever we may have on to hand out to help out in the community. Due to storage constraints we we give out as quickly as we receive supplies from kindhearted people.

We also provide support counselling to those with alcohol and drug. We do not provide detox programmes but we do our best to direct people to the mainstream treatment agencies which is mostly the NHS facilities locally or elsewhere.

We are open to helpers and volunteers who may want to help with handouts,donations,physical and moral support.The Lord never forgets what little support and help anyone gives for labour of love will never be in vain.